Capacity Building

Traditionally, capacity building is associated with training at the individual level.  Our approach to capacity development includes training but is broader. We build the capabilities of individuals, departments, the organization, and the entire system. System-wide capacity building strategies include training, talent management practices, organizational procedures and processes, supportive internal policies and frameworks and external advocacy and partnerships.  Our approach is represented below:

Capacity Development Model1

Capacity Model

Mutually supportive and inter-dependent strategies and actions are fostered and supported. The aim is to embed sustainability within the entire DNA of an organization, business or municipality. Ultimately, this creates societies capable of sustaining the responsiveness necessary for adaptation and management to a sustainable future.

Our Services

  • Capacity building needs assessments and market research
  • Capacity building plan and strategy design
  • Sustainability curriculum development and training
  • Policy research and advocacy

Examples of Capacity Building Building Experience

For more examples of C. Easton, Sustainability Capacity Building experience, please click here

1ENACT Program, Jamaica. 2003- 2008. This model emerged from the innovative ENACT capacity building for sustainable development program in Jamaica. (Canadian International Development Agency and the Government of Jamaica.)

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