Capacity Building For Change

Examples of C. Easton Capacity Building Experience

Glencore Community Leadership Program: consisting of 4 modules and 3 training packages, this program enhances social capability and performance at global mine operations.  

UBC Applied Science Masters in Clean Energy: partnership with the Faculty of Applied Science and BC Hydro to design and launch a new masters program in clean energy.

UBC Summer Institute in Sustainability (Co-founder): this award winning program is designed for those taking a leadership role in developing policy, creating plans and implementing sustainability projects in businesses, universities, and across all levels of government.

UBC SEEDS Program: a campus-wide program engaging students, staff and faculty in ‘campus as a living lab’ research projects on topics ranging from bio-fuel to food systems and food services.

BC Round Table on Environmental Technology: this group supported the British Columbian environmental technology sector to develop policy recommendations to former Prime Minister, Paul Martin and networks and projects advancing the sector.

Senior Advisor to the Environmental Action Program (ENACT): this program built capacity amongst Jamaican government, private sector, local communities and civil society to better govern, plan, manage and execute sustainable development.

Environmental Education Action Plan for Sustainable Development: this plan set out a national framework for environmental education for the country of Jamaica. Adopted by Jamaican parliament in 1998, this plan continues to guide formal and non-formal educational practice in Jamaica.

Learning for a Sustainable Future: Ontario Learning for a Sustainable Future strategy development.

Public Education Strategy for the World Bank OECS Global Facility Project: research and design of a local education and training program related to solid waste management for six Eastern Caribbean nations.

Forestry Education in St. Lucia: design and execution of programs supporting environment and cultural heritage awareness, including competitions, school programs, nature tourism, national awareness campaigns and magazines.

Global Learning Project: support to over 250 students to design and deliver action oriented research projects on environment and development.

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