Sustainable Communities

We work to improve the capacity of communities to shape their sustainable development path. This path provides for the twin goals of community prosperity, and the transition to low-carbon future. We create plans, programs and projects that minimize climate change damage, risk and adverse affects. We direct a way forward with built in flexibility to adapt as new solutions emerge.

Our Approach

Our approach is an integrative one. It combines development strategies and systems holistically, rather than in isolation from one another. It also fosters collaboration between all stakeholders throughout the full planning cycle and provides for community driven development. We call this community-based integrative design planning (CIDP).  CIDP has the elements that follow:

  • Shared vision: provide structured dialogue sessions and ongoing processes to build vision, values  and goal setting
  • Community assessment: assess social, economic and environmental and climate risks, opportunities and priorities
  • Integrated planning: convene stakeholders to identify priorities, targets and actions. Determine synergies between plan components to maximize results. Recommend early actions- full life cycle planning
  • Capacity building: upgrade skills and knowledge, foster talent and entrepreneurship, mobilize finance, and establish supportive structures, policies and engagement programs
  • Monitoring and evaluation: establish a performance management system, related indicators to measure impacts, and carry out progress and impact measurement
  • Next practice: communicate progress, share best practice and promote scalable solutions.

Our Sustainability and Low Carbon Focus Areas

We adapt our ten focus areas to specific assignments in order to identify and design ‘place-based’ strategies, targets and solutions.  We design both comprehensive and thematic community plans and programs. Our ten point framework includes:

  1. Energy, green buildings and infrastructure
  2. Alternative energy
  3. Materials stewardship
  4. Water
  5. Transportation
  6. Food systems and agriculture
  7. Economic development
  8. Community health and well being
  9. Beauty and culture
  10. Natural systems and biodiversity

Our Services

Examples of C. Easton, Local Community Service Experience

To learn more about our work focused on integrated, community driven sustainable development work in Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and South East Asia, click here.

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