Mining and extractives

Extractive sector offerings include a suite of field-proven approaches resulting in enhanced social performance effectiveness including:
SOCIAL MANAGEMENT PLANNING: Collaborative development of ‘fit for purpose’, outcome based, integrative, social management plans and systems tied to business and community objectives.
SHARED VALUE PROGRAMMING: Assess, plan and measure, shared value generation initiatives including supply chain, local enterprise, training, and community investment.
ASSURANCE: Social risk-based assurance to assess control effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement. Social due diligence on social performance for proposed financial transactions. 
CAPACITY BUILDING: Needs assessment and tailored workshops and initiatives for operations and organizations.

Post-Secondary institutions

Post-secondary institutions are increasingly incorporating sustainability in strategic plans, operations, academic and community programs.

The Living Campus Consortium

The Living Campus Consortium (LCC) provides a suite of sustainability services tailored to individual post-secondary sustainability journeys. Whether institutions are just starting out or have well-established sustainability pathways, CLL offers a rigorous and practical understanding of, the university and college sustainability context, campus sustainability best practice, sustainability education and effective campus engagement.

The aim is to help institutions become catalytic leaders in the transition to a sustainable future as:

•   stewards of large-scale public infrastructure and operations
•   educators of future leaders
•   work-force employers
•   innovators and solution seekers, and
•   community partners and global citizens.

LCC also works with government, university groups, university associations, and other leadership organizations to create favourable policy, market-place, and partnership environments.

Founding partners, Charlene Easton and Mark Holland, combine in-depth experience and success at leading municipal and post-secondary organizations to become globally recognized sustainability institutions.

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