Strategy & management

Many organizations and businesses are fully incorporating sustainability into their business model, and corporate strategy. We work with clients to develop strategies that achieve organizational goals, engage stakeholders, leverage core competencies and generate shareholder and societal value. 

We support our clients to develop institution-wide sustainability policy, strategies, and performance management systems. We provide guidance on corporate planning and services.  

Our Services

  • Sustainability policy: assess risk and develop, policies that  drive change and lead to improved sustainability performance
  • Sustainability strategy: tailor our strategic planning workshop  to help shape institution-wide sustainability plans, strategies and performance management systems
  • Climate strategy: provide strategic direction on the low-carbon economy and help develop strategies to respond to the evolving science, politics, and business risks and opportunities related to climate protection
  • Engagement: design approaches that engage staff and the community in dialogue and strategy development
  • Sustainability management: advise on sustainability management including staffing structures, and performance management systems
  • Brand building: provide strategic direction on sustainability brand building and provide sustainability communications services.

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