Strategy & Management

Ten Steps for Tomorrow’s Leading Organizations

The following ten-step program guides leadership for tomorrow’s business success.

  1. Commitment: Develop overall sustainability vision, mission, principles, policies and strategies which foster economic prosperity, social well-being and environmental sustainability.
  2. Governance: Establish a governing structure with representative stakeholders assigned the appropriate level of decision making.
  3. Sustainability infrastructure and finance:  Establish dedicated staff and resourcesDetermine the most effective reporting relationships. Establish diverse and creative streams of finance.
  4.  Planning and program development: Conduct a strategic assessment of sustainability program opportunities, and develop programs.
  5. Demonstrate and quantify success: Select high profile actions to showcase early success. Track explicit financial, social and environmental returns to the institution. 
  6. Community participation: Undertake robust and targeted community engagement programs.
  7. Green operations and services: Establish plans, procedures and systems to integrate sustainability throughout, operations, business practices and core organizational services.
  8. Measurement, reporting and celebrating success: Conduct robust tracking and reporting out on progress. Establish award and recognition programs celebrating success. Carry out continuous improvement against external benchmarks.
  9. Workforce planning, recruitment and training: Embed sustainability qualifications into job descriptions and award systems. Provide necessary orientation and training.
  10. External communications and catalytic leadership: Share success and leverage alliances beyond the organization to achieve change and demonstrate further social value.
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